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We offer a weight loss retreat, where you can enjoy exercise like, running, walking, and swimming.

We serve healthy breakfasts, salad lunches and far from boring low fat meals.

Even if you only want to lose a few pounds, by the time you go home you'll  feel so much better.

We are able to offer you a detox for a couple of days, having healthy juices and clean food. With plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Have a break from processed foods , alcohol and caffeine.

Clean your body on the inside, improve your wellbeing,  and feel fantastic.

Give it a try

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  • Pick your own fruit

    Here in Portugal fruit grows in abundance. All around you will find fig, plum, pear, peach, blackberries, apples and citrus fruits.
    Its great to go walking and eating fresh fruit from the trees.

  • Juicing

    With all this wonderful fruit to pick, its great to juice in the mornings.
    What a good way to start your day

  • Healthy dips

    Lunches dont have to be boring.
    Beetroot humous
    Broad bean pate
    Greek salads
    Homemade soups

FOREST BATHING..Reconnecting to mother Nature to feel better in mind, body and soul is one of the most healthiest activities you can do.
A new trend known as Forest Bathing has been practiced since the 1980s.
During the forest walks, participants breathe in essential oils known as Phytoncides, naturally from the trees.
Our bodies relaxing reaction, absorbing through the skin, breathing it in like a little aromatherapy.
The health benefits of Forest Bathing are..
Quality of air
Blood presure is calmer
Healthier intestinal activity
Regulated heart beats
Boosts white blood cells to strengthen your immune system.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and a whole host of health benefits by taking a dip in nature's invigorating lakes, rivers, and streams.
Wild swimming will boost your mood, works wonders for your immune system and makes you feel fantastic.
Swimming itself is incredibly healing.
Water supports you in a weightless state, without adding pressure on your joints.
Cold water gets your heart pumping and circulation moving better.

Why not take advantage of a bike for hire.
Try something new today.
Grab your bike as it's time to embrace your sense of adventure.
Studies show that new experiences and going somewhere different make you feel happier.
Not only this,it also interrupts the flow of your daily life, which has the effect of slowing time and helping you to see life in a more positive light.
Taking in the beautiful scenery along the way.


It's not all about walking fast, but a way of walking quicker than your normal stroll. Breathing more deeply, being more active and demanding more oxygen to the bloodstream.
Its really beneficial to the lymphatic system, cleaning toxins from the body, reducing stress, keeping you leaner and fitter.