Guest photo

17. May, 2017

Will they see The Pope was the big question. Flying all the way from Canada. They battled their way through 500,000 people, all going for the same reason.
Well at the end of the popes visit, he drove passed in the Popemobile, they almost touch him.
It was well worth the wait for a bus afterwards.

14. May, 2017

Our lovely guest Flavio made full use of the village of Fungalvaz. He eat lunch at the local cafe bar. Enjoyed homemade Portuguese soup. At the night he enjoyed the peace and auiet of the Aqueducto nearby.
Great walks in the mornings around the beautiful countryside.
This was the farewell photo.

5. May, 2017

My recent guest loved to walk around the poppy fields, then meditate under the olive tree. Just a beautiful setting infront of the house

20. Sep, 2016

Not quite Autumn, but the weather is still being kind to us.
There's nothing i love more than eating outside with a glass of wine, and good food and company.
I've enjoyed trying out lots of new BBQ recipes this year. Kebabs in all shapes and sizes. From meat to vegan have been the greatest hits.
Many different salads from chickpeas and artichokes, pasta with basil, coleslaw of course.
Baked potatoes, that's one thing I'd never get fed up with. New potatoes with mint, batatas pravas, wonderful.
There's no end of choice. Lets hope the sun shines on, so we can have more alfresco momente🍷

6. Sep, 2016

The temperature had been in the 40s , too hot for some. Our guests arrived from Russia in the heat of the day.

They asked if they could join myself on an early morning walk with Henry  the dog. So 7am, we were all ready for the Panda walk experience. 

The sun was still below the hills, so we all took time to enjoy the freshness of the breeze.

We walked through all the allotments,  locals watering cabbages, many harvesting the corn.

Strolling past the snoring pigs and Mrs Oliveiras goats, we finally made it ti the main road.

Henry's fan club were waiting, 4 girl dogs all crying for the handsome bear. Its a festa de meninas.

Now under the railway bridge and onto the Jimmy Cranky walk.

Enjoying the countryside and counting the pumpkins along the way.

Almost there, i can smell the coffee brewing from here.